As a follow up to last week’s question, Aaliyah and I worked on highlighting her accomplishments this past year and things she would like to improve on. We started with her accomplishments and the first thing she announced was her ability to complete her multiplication tables which were a great start. During my first couple of weeks working with Aaliyah, I remember asking her how her week went, and she was so excited to inform me of her tricks to solve multiplication tables. Her other accomplishments include improving her ability to play the violin and the piano, learning how to make water move and how to ride a hoverboard. The list Aaliyah compiled impressed me because she did not stick to accomplishments she is best at, instead, she chose a well-rounded group of activities. Once we moved on to things she would like to improve on, Aaliyah’s first response was “math.” Last week, she mentioned that math was her least favorite subject, but I am delighted that her dislike for the subject does not stop her from wanting to improve her skills and reward herself when she does well. Last, Aaliyah wants to improve her handwriting which struck me at first because since I started working with Aaliyah, her hand-writing has immensely improved and I was not expecting it to concern her with her handwriting.

Alyanna is an outstanding and clever student. Since our first day together she has known she wants to be a teacher, and I asked her this question particularly to understand where her passion stems from. Alyanna loves learning and engages in all her classes and her response superbly portrays her passion for learning and striving to be better.